Securing Permits and Visas – Your Pathway to Canada

Whether you wish to work or study in Canada, our attorneys can assess your eligibility for a permit. Through our years of experience, we can offer guidance regarding the specifications and guidelines set forth by bodies like the IRCC. We can also help you prepare and submit the required application and supporting documents if you need a visa to enter Canada.

International Students

“Whether you are seeking to work or study in Canada, our lawyers can assess your eligibility for a work permit or study permit and provide guidance on the most appropriate application process.”

-Amandeep Hayer

International Student in Canada

Study Permit Application Process

Grasping the details of study permits is essential for any foreign national wishing to study in Canada. The study permit application process involves submitting required documents, meeting eligibility criteria, and awaiting processing times. Choosing appropriately between a study permit or a visa is imperative, as the permit allows for a temporary stay while a visa permits entry.

Temporary Resident Visa and Electronic Travel Authorization

The Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) are important documents for international students planning their educational journey to Canada. We’re here to help, so please reach out if this is something you need assistance with.

Port of Entry Application

At Canadian ports of entry, US citizens and permanent residents can apply for study permits. To apply for a study visa at the POE, you will need a letter of acceptance from your designated learning institution (DLI) as well as as many supporting documents as feasible. Preparing the application form and accompanying documentation ahead of time makes the process go more smoothly. Proof of citizenship, another form of identification, your DLI acceptance letter, the application fee, and enough cash are all necessary.

Application Process Documents Required
Study permit approval Letter of Introduction
Presentation to border officials Immigration documentation
Submission to International Admissions Office Proof of approval
Federal Start-Up Visa Program (SUV)

Checking IRCC Processing Times

After securing your Letter of Introduction, it becomes important to monitor the processing times for your application through the IRCC’s online platform.

  • Processing time updates: Regular monitoring can help identify any application delays.
  • Application tracking: Keep an eye on your application’s progress.
  • IRCC response time and Expedited processing: Quick responses to IRCC’s queries may speed up processing times.

Spouse and Family Applications

When considering the application process for international students, looking at the options for spouses and family members is vital. Eligibility for spousal work permits allows partners to seek employment, while minor children may attend public schools if they have obtained a study permit.

Working in Canada as a Student

Finding the right balance between study and work offers a unique set of opportunities for international students in Canada, provided they have the proper work permits.

  • Job Opportunities: Both on-campus and off-campus jobs are available within the allowed work hours for international students (note: there are restrictions and rules for hours allowed and when.)
  • Application Process: Apply through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Work Experience Programs: Co-op programs require a work permit.