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Sponsorship Legal Guidance

It can be challenging to understand the Canadian spousal sponsorship system. At Hayer Law, we make things easier by providing expert guidance. This includes assisting you with the application process, preparing the necessary documents, and communicating with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You can rely on our extensive knowledge of Canadian immigration law. Understanding spousal sponsorship, including its overview and eligibility requirements, is essential for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want to sponsor their foreign national spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner.

Spousal Sponsorship Legal Guidance

We can assist Canadian citizens and permanent residents in sponsoring their foreign national spouse or common-law partner (and in some cases conjugal partner) to immigrate to Canada

-Amandeep Hayer

Spousal Sponsorship Legal Guidance: spouses

The Path to Sponsorship: Application Process

To successfully complete Canada’s spousal sponsorship application, you must first understand the necessary procedures, documentation, and costs. This includes grasping financial requirements, completing necessary forms, and managing the document submission process. Candidates should also take into account the costs associated with the Right of Permanent Residence and biometrics. The last requirement for a successful application is demonstrating financial stability to support the sponsored spouse, partner, and any dependent children. At Hayer Law, we ensure a thorough and confident approach to each step in this process.

Eligible Candidates: Who Can Be Sponsored?

Both the sponsor and the sponsored person must understand who qualifies for Canadian spousal sponsorship and what documentation of the relationship is needed. To be eligible to sponsor your spouse, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Documentation: Valid identification and proof of relationship, including a Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation Questionnaire, a marriage certificate, or other proof for common-law relationships
  • Financial support: The sponsor must be able to cover the sponsored person’s expenses for three years.
  • Age requirement: Both parties must be at least 18 years old.
  • Shared expenses proof: Evidence of shared financial responsibility is required.
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Getting Through the Process: Processing Time, Interview, and Outland Vs Inland Application

It is important to take the document requirements and the importance of preparation seriously. Be aware of potential delays and explore work permit options. The interview process is based on credibility, so authenticity is key.

Understanding the spousal sponsorship processing time, the potential requirement for an interview, and the differences between Outland and Inland applications can greatly simplify this complex legal process. For instance, in the Inland route, there is no opportunity for appeal before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). The only recourse available is a judicial review to the Federal Court, representing a drawback of the Inland route.

Overcoming Challenges: Handling Rejection and Appeals in Spousal Sponsorship

Understanding the intricacies of rejections and appeals in the spousal sponsorship process often presents various challenges and requires a thorough grasp of the legal landscape. Recognizing reasons for rejection, avoiding common mistakes, strategically collecting evidence, and comprehending the appeal process is crucial.

Seeking our expert legal advice can significantly improve outcomes, ensuring that individuals overcome these challenges to achieve the desired sense of belonging. We’re certain that we can assist Canadian citizens and permanent residents in sponsoring the immigration to Canada of their foreign national spouse or common-law partner (and, in some cases, conjugal partner).

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