1. Citizenship Law is too rigid for those Aboard with Family Ties – Article
      Almost all states apply the principals of jus sanguinis to its citizenship law. Canada is no exception. However, unlike Europe, Canada has placed arbitrary limits on claims of citizenship through jus sanguinis. Read More →
    2. Helping international students navigate immigration issues in Canada. – Webinar
      CSA is hosting a webinar focused on helping international students navigate immigration issues in Canada>
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    3. How to Become a Permanent Resident in Canada with Amandeep Hayer Part-1 – Podcast
      We’re starting our three-part miniseries with our Canadian immigration expert Amandeep Hayer, Immigration Lawyer at Sedai Law Office, where we discuss how you can navigate the complex journey from international student to permanent resident of Ontario.
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    4. Waking Up Canadian (On-Demand) – Online Course
      Changes in citizenship law over the past decade have resulted in many people discovering that they are, in fact, Canadian citizens. Consider whether your client may have claim to Canadian citizenship, and the resulting impact on your legal matters. 
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    5. “Lost Canadians” | Changes in Citizenship Law and Implications for Lawyers – Blog Post
      Have you ever heard of the “Lost Canadians” in the context of Canadian citizenship? Imagine, you were born and raised in Canada, and after living your whole life in Canada, find out that unbeknownst to you, your birth father abandoned your family when you were only a year old.
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    6. Criminal Inadmissibility: Double-Punishment Sentences and Punishment without Charge – Blog Post
      Criminal convictions can have dire consequences for temporary or permanent residents of Canada. LESA is pleased to announce a new webinar for criminal lawyers and for business immigration lawyers (or lawyers whose clients have business immigration issues), coming this fall.
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    7. So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh? Canadian Immigration Law for US Lawyers – Online Course
      Past event for the Colorado Bar AssociationRead More →
    8. Immigration Law 2023 Conference Program – Conference
      Learn how to navigate several Family Class Permanent Resident pathways including spousal sponsorships, adopted persons sponsorships, and the parent / grandparent sponsorship program.Read More →
    9. Canadian Immigration Consquences of US Plea Bargins – Blog Post
      The jury trial is a foundation of American liberty. It was one of the indictments in the Declaration of Independence and it is guaranteed by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the American Constitution.Read More →
    10. How-to – Citizenship Certificates & Grants – Conference Topics
      This session focused on current issues with, and practical aspects for, being recognized as a Canadian citizen, as well as being eligible to apply for citizenship.Read More →