Criminal Inadmissibility
and Legal Guidance

Figuring out Canadian immigration can be a difficult and complex process, especially for those who have a criminal record and are deemed inadmissible. This barrier, possibly due to past criminal convictions, can be a significant challenge. However, with the proper legal guidance, it is possible to explore viable options like Temporary Resident Permits or even criminal rehabilitation to overcome these obstacles.

Immigration Lawyer Helping Client with Criminal Inadmissibility Case

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Understanding Serious Criminality

Defining serious criminality is crucial for understanding its consequences and determining eligibility for criminal rehabilitation. Comprehending the implications of criminal inadmissibility and navigating the process of overcoming inadmissibility is key to your successful immigration journey.

The types of crimes that potentially hinder immigration encompass a variety of offences, including drug-related offences, theft, assault, and crimes committed outside of Canada that may equate to an indictable or hybrid offence within Canadian jurisdiction or having two or more offences that constitute a summary offense.

Options for Inadmissible Individuals

While individuals may face challenges due to criminal inadmissibility, several options exist to navigate these hurdles and gain entry into Canada. Solutions like Temporary Resident Permits provide short-term relief, while rehabilitation options and record suspension offer long-term solutions. Seeking our legal assistance can be indispensable in this process, aiding in overcoming these challenges.

Hayer Law’s Role in Overcoming Inadmissibility

For many people living in BC, our experienced legal counsel and assistance in negotiating the complications of criminal inadmissibility is a crucial service. Our role includes:

  1. Assessing the nature of inadmissibility
  2. Offering tailored solutions to overcome inadmissibility
  3. Guidance through the process of securing permits or pursuing rehabilitation.

This legal representation ensures personalized, practical strategies for each client.

Temporary Resident Permit Approval

Rehabilitation in Canada

The rehabilitation process in Canada is regulated by the type of crime committed, its severity, and the time since the completion of the sentence.

There are two types of rehabilitation:

1. Deemed rehabilitation
2. Individual rehabilitation

Deemed rehabilitation is only available to people who committed only summary offences outside of Canada, or only one indictable or hybrid offence that carries a maximum sentence less than 10 years. Everyone else must got through the individual rehabilitation process.

You can visit the official Government of Canada website for more information on the criminal rehabilitation process. The criminal rehabilitation process might seem overwhelming, but engaging with us can provide legal support to navigate this complex issue.