Judicial Review
and Appeals

Although appeals and judicial reviews might appear complex, it is essential to understand that these are integral parts of the legal system designed toensure fairness and adherence to the law.

If your application is denied, options may still be available. You can always appeal your refusal to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada or have your case reviewed by the Federal Court of Canada. The options available will largely depend on your refusal.

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“Our immigration lawyers can help you understand the legal concerns in your case and advise you on how to appeal or challenge the decision you want to review.”

-Amandeep Hayer

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Judicial Review

Under Canadian immigration law, you can petition the Federal Court of Canada to review immigration decisions. 

Hearings before the Federal Court are only possible after all other options have been exhausted.

Importance of Legal Representation

The significant role of legal representation in appeals and judicial review processes cannot be overstated, as a skilled lawyer can often be the decisive factor in a case’s outcome. In our experience, receiving legal guidance through complex procedures, preparing essential documents and crafting compelling arguments can all contribute to successful results.

Benefit of Legal Representation Impact
Expert Guidance Simplifies complex procedures
Document Preparation Ensures all essential documents are correctly filed
Compelling Arguments Increases chances of favourable judgement
Strategic Planning Anticipates potential challenges
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It’s crucial to be mindful of the deadlines associated with judicial reviews and appeals. The deadlines vary depending on your situation; in some cases, we might be able to file late.

  1. If the decision was made in Canada on an immigration matter, the deadline is 15 days
  2. If the decision was made outside of Canada on an immigration matter, the deadline is 60 days
  3. If the decision was made on a citizenship matter, the deadline is 30 days.

Post-Decision Steps and Compliance

After an appeal or judicial review, several essential steps must be followed to ensure legal compliance. These post-decision requirements are crucial for maintaining legal integrity and effectively pursuing justice.

  • Next steps after decision: Comply with the ruling, whether it requires further action or acceptance of the verdict.
  • Compliance procedures: Adherence to mandated guidelines.
  • Legal integrity: Upholding the law in the aftermath of the decision.