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Amandeep Hayer’s Presentation for International Students at Vancouver Film School

Amandeep Hayer Presentation Post1

Amandeep Hayer from Hayer Law recently led an informal session for international students at Vancouver Film School. This presentation focused on the nuances of Canadian immigration, such as how to manage various permits. Amandeep emphasized the importance of following Canadian immigration laws and understanding study permit conditions. He also provided insights into eligibility for post-graduation Read More →

Citizen and Immigration

Unlocking Canadian Citizenship: Your parents may help you become Canadian

Canadian citizenship holds immense value, embodying a rich tapestry of rights, privileges, and responsibilities. As a citizen of Canada, individuals gain access to a multitude of social benefits, healthcare services, and educational opportunities. Beyond the tangible advantages, Canadian citizenship signifies inclusion in a diverse and welcoming society that values equality, tolerance, and multiculturalism. The right Read More →


How does a strike impact international students?

A labour disruption, commonly known as a “strike,” can stress any student. For international students, it can be particularly challenging because they may wonder about its implications for their status in Canada. The good news is that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recognizes that a strike is a “situation beyond your control” and assures Read More →